Know WHAT  you’re eating and WHERE  it comes from

Farm Truck was built around knowing what is in your food and where it comes from. We spend the time to hand make all of our menu items with quality ingredients and we always go out of our way to do things right. Our produce comes from local farms, our bread from a local bakery, and our coffee is organic, fairly traded and locally roasted.  Most of our disposable items are either recyclable or biodegradable, and you will always find a recycling bin outside the truck.  We are involved with our community and have a strong commitment to the arts and to providing real, healthy food to everybody.

About the Chef

shain-nologoShain Wancio was sired by Daniel and Sandra Wancio in Philadelphia in 1989. He has a had a lifelong fascination with food, dating back to his childhood, when his parents and grandparents would often awake on Saturday mornings not to cartoons, but food-based infomercials, America’s Test Kitchen, and the early days of Food Network. He completed his High School education at Central Bucks West, and after some secondary education, Shain returned to Philadelphia, where he grew and contributed in some of city’s best restaurants, gastropubs, and catering companies.

After a lengthy stint under mentor Brian Lofink, Shain joined Farm Truck in 2016, bringing a focus on creative, eclectic, fresh, and vibrant comfort food. Drawing influence from Philadelphia’s proud immigrant tradition, as well as his own mixed-race background, Shain blends flavors across cultures, using meticulous technique, and farm fresh produce.

In his personal life, Shain resides in Fishtown, with his dog Pizza and his girlfriend. He is a big fan of all the local teams, Batman, NPR, music, and video games. He is profusely apologetic for not having a picture with his arms crossed.

Our Local Partners

Green Meadow Farms
Gap, PA (47 miles)

Blue Moon Acres
Buckingham, PA (24 miles) and Pennington NJ (30 miles)

Urban Roots
Philadelphia, PA (0 miles)

Heritage Farm
Philadelphia, PA (0 miles)