Q: How many people can you feed?
A: We have done parties from 50 to 500. The menu and service style can be adapted to suit any party size or style.

Q: Won’t my guests have to wait a long time for food? 
A: No! There are a number of ways we can serve a large group with very minimal wait times.

Q: What if I’m getting married in a barn with no water, electricity, gas, or cooking equipment? 
A: No problem at all. We are totally self contained. We use a top-of-the-line quiet generator for power and have everything else we need built into the truck. All we need from you is a place to park!

Q: How far do you travel? 
A: We will travel up to about 2 hours from Philadelphia.

Q: Some members of my family are skeptical about having a “food truck wedding.” Do you have to serve from the truck? 
A: No! Food trucks are fun, and we certainly can do the “food truck style”. But we can also operate more as a traditional caterer. The only difference is that we bring our kitchen with us so that we don’t have to invade yours.

Q. How do we fit into the process as an outside vendor?
Many venues are very accepting of food trucks. Wedding planners love us because we are so easy to work with. We require very little setup and need minimal space in which to operate.